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Many people don’t realize how many private organizations literally HAVE to give away between 3% and 5% of their earnings for tax reasons. And they use non-repayment loans or grants to accomplish this.  These private organizations are know as “Foundations”.

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Real Pell Grant Scholarship Application

If someone had to call on you to explain the Obama grant, could you? Many are uncertain as to what it means exactly. Nevertheless the government under the much admired Obama administration is working hard to help working mothers in returning to college. Many would like to believe that such federal programs which aid mothers in being able to attend college is a fresh and innovative idea, in reality it is just a reworking of existing government benefits. As a mom the idea of going back to college maybe a dream you never thought could be fulfilled now it can through the Pell grants a huge asset to any potential student.

If you’ve been out of school for a while, going back to college can be daunting. You may get so overwhelmed by the details — paying for it, juggling your other responsibilities, being the oldest one in class — that you end up just setting the whole idea of going back to school aside. But that’s a mistake. If you’re using the following excuses as reasons not to return to school, pay attention to these excuse busters to clear your way …

Tens of thousands of Americans could see more opportunities to mentor children, help rebuild homes and participate in other national service under a measure passed by the House. The House voted 321-105 Wednesday to expand AmeriCorps and other national service programs by 175,000 participants. The measure also would create new groups to help poor communities with education, clean energy, health and services for veterans. Supporters say the effort comes at a time when more people are interested in serving their communities …

QUESTION: Is a grant a scholarship?
I'm filling out grad school applications and it's asking me if I have received any scholarship. The answer is no unless grants apply. Can I put down grants as scholarship money?

  • Grants are different from scholarships. A grant is usually funding from a program such as pell grant a federal grant, where a scholarship might come from an endowment or from an academic or sports related. If you have only received grants, I would not put down that you got scholorships.

  • No–grants are money given by the government for your financial need. Scholarships are given by an organization based on their requirements and your academic/extracurricular merit.

  • Grants do not apply. They want to know about merit-based scholarships, not need-based scholarships.